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Critical Alpha is the critical angle of attack where you produce lift and take off in life. Critical Alpha empowers people from all walks of life to develop the self awareness to lead themselves. We partner with the community through our Podcast and Social Media channels, and have developed the Critical Alpha Methodology mobile phone application available for iOS and Android devices - visit the App Store or Google Store to find it. If you're reading this, theres no doubt you're already motivated and looking for that extra edge to take off in your life. Please reach out to us if you need any assistance at all.

About Us
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Aaron Jones
Managing Director

With over 10 years experience working in Air Force, and the last 5 years in Safety Consulting, Aaron brings a breadth of experience to Critical Alpha as a coach and mentor. Aaron has worked across a number of different industries including Defence, Rail, Construction, and Logistics, leveraging this experience in his daily and strategic coaching and mentoring for his clients.

Aaron's philosophy in coaching and mentoring is simple: teach people how to fish, rather than give them a fish. Empower people to develop the self awareness and discipline so that they can lead themselves to success. Whilst having a coach or mentor can help immensely in navigating life challenges, it is equally as important to develop your own ability to detach and make decisions for yourself. You can and should understand your own thoughts and decision making in real time so that you can make decisions and succeed in your endeavours.

Critical Alpha was founded on the principles of Aviation Human Factors and Safety Management Systems. Critical Alpha, also known as the Critical Angle of Attack, is the point at which an aircraft reaches lift and takes off. When an F-18 Fighter Jet reaches Critical Alpha, and adopts a 'high alpha' manoeuvre, the aircraft is now able to outperform their competitor and win. The caveat here is how well the pilot is able to cope under this type of pressure so that they can outperform their competitor. You can have the best aircraft, but lack the ability to handle and harness pressure. What matters more, the aircraft or the pilot? If you were a better pilot, the type of aircraft doesn't matter, you'll get to your destination regardless. If you had the right resources, planning, direction and destination, would you succeed? The Critical Alpha Methodology was created to help you navigate through these critical decisions in your life so that you can achieve your goals.

Aaron's qualifications include:

  • Master of Aviation Management

  • Graduate Certificate in Aviation Management

  • Advanced Diploma of Workplace Health & Safety

  • Diploma of Engineering

  • Certificate IV in Workplace & Business Coaching

  • Certificate IV in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (Structures)

  • Certificate II in Public Safety

Aaron's awards received include:

  • Award Winner - Young WHS Leader of the Year 2020 - Hunter Safety Awards

  • Team Award Winner - Most Innovative WHS Idea (SME) 2019 - Hunter Safety Awards

  • Team Award Winner - Air Force Safety Award: Team Category 1 - Prevention of WHS Harm - DDAAFS 2018

  • Commander Task Unit Commendation - Operation OKRA 2015 - Australian Defence Force

  • Australian Operational Service Medal (AOSM) (Middle East) 2015 - Australian Defence Force

  • Australian Defence Medal 2010 - Australian Defence Force

  • Riverina TAFE Faculty Award for Academic Excellence in the Engineering Faculty 2009 - TAFE NSW

  • Dux RAAF School of Technical Training 2009

  • Commanding Officers' Award 2009

Need more details? get in contact with us.

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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