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Safety Leadership Facilitators Pack

Do you find it difficult to convince your Senior Leaders, or Adult Learners, on the importance of Safety Leadership? Are you looking for an immediately implementable Safety Leadership slide package?This slide package provides you with a tailorable format for you to plug and play, influencing your leaders to embrace Safety as a means to proactively prevent accidents and incidents from occurring.

Key Features include:
  • 45 slides, each uniquely designed and content headings tailorable by the lecturer

  • Content covers the core principles around Safety Leadership, using methodologies and examples from the Aviation Safety sector

  • Section 3 involves Group Discussions and Activities which can be facilitated by the lecturer to embed the new processes and implement new ideas

  • Each slide provides simple language and sequence from the previous slide on what to do

  • The Package is easy to print and can be used as a hand-out to illustrate points by the lecturer


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