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Our Partners

We are focussed on the long term, and with that comes the Blue Ocean Strategy, where we partner with hand-picked businesses who have shared values, strategies, and goals. Not just for business, but for the greater good in terms of the community, the environment, and our future as human beings. We have a much higher purpose than merely partners in business, and with that comes immense responsibilities as we partner together.

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In the simplest of terms, VelocityEHS is a collection of experts from across a wide-range of fields who have come together around a shared mission of making workplaces safer and more sustainable.

Velocity EHS roots stretch back almost 50 years, with decades of deep domain expertise in ergonomics, chemical management, industrial hygiene, environmental compliance, training & learning, and operational risk. But for all of our history, what defines us is our ability to look forward and deliver innovative solutions that marry our thought leadership with technology that is exquisite and easy to use.

Critical Alpha and VelocityEHS are partnered to provide our clients with a visual and interactive option to explaining and teaching risk management fundamentals. As partners in business, Critical Alpha is positioned to provide you with enhanced mentoring experience to Risk and Director level professionals.

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Empowered IT Solutions

Empowered IT Solutions are an Australian, Veteran-Owned, and operated company which supports large and medium-based organisations with the development of new technology, tools, and software harnessed through the use of a variety of new and emerging techniques.

Critical Alpha and Empowered IT Solutions have partnered to provide our clients with options to develop, enhance, and optimise their technology, tools, and interfaces.

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The Coalface

Owned and Operated by Guy Onley, The Coalface offers both in-house services in strength, conditioning and fitness, and on-site manual handling training tailored to the specific organisations he works with.

Critical Alpha and The Coalface have partnered to provide our clients with hands on mentoring and coaching in safe lifting, manual handling, and techniques to minimise injury and maximise longevity .

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