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Business Contingency:

A Guide for Managing Risk in Your Business

Do you find it hard to put together engaging and insightful slide packages when teaching your students about Risk Management? Would a clearly stepped out process with carefully designed infographics and the option to modify content on each slide assist with getting your message across?


Part of our role as Risk Management professionals is to capture the imagination and meaning behind WHY risk management is so important in the world of business. Risk Management is not simply a set of rules to abide by, it is a proactive approach to business management. By carefully placing contingency plans around risks, your business is better positioned to weather the storms of disruption, injuries, incidents, and market fluctuations.

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The topics covered in this slide package include:

· Establish the Context

· Identify Current Controls

· Assess the Risk

· Implement Additional Controls

· Action Planning

· Monitor & Review

✅ Eight slides, each uniquely designed and content headings tailorable by the lecturer

✅ Content covers the very basics of Risk Managements, and can be easily mapped to other Risk Management structures

✅ Each slide provides simple language and sequence from the previous slide on what to do

✅ The Package is easy to print and can be used as a hand-out to illustrate points by the lecturer

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