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Mastering Your New Mission - Bridging Military Expertise for an Outstanding Civilian Resume:

As a former serving member who has navigated the transition to the civilian workplace with success, I wanted to share some actionable advice to help others to excel in their career transition. Let's dive into the topic of translating military skills to a civilian resume:

1. Identify your military skills and experience: Take the time to appreciate and recognise the valuable skills you've acquired during your service. Make a comprehensive list of these skills and circle the ones that align with the civilian roles you're considering. When reviewing job requirements, identify any gaps between your current skills and the job, to develop a plan to bridge those gaps.

2. Use civilian language: Overcome the language barrier by mastering the art of translating military jargon into terms that resonate with civilian employers. Take the initiative to learn industry-specific keywords and integrate them into your resume. Make sure to highlight key achievements from your career that align with the job requirements.

2. Highlight leadership experience: Harness your applied leadership abilities and present them in a compelling way. Showcase how you led teams during your military career and achieved tangible outcomes. Tailor your examples to align with the specific job requirements, framing your experiences in a manner that resonates with hiring managers.

3. Emphasise teamwork experience: Thriving in teams is highly valued in the civilian world. Highlight your experience working within multi-disciplinary teams and achieving results through collaboration and effective communication. Share examples that demonstrate your ability to work well with others and achieve mission outcomes. Remember to tailor examples to relate to your future employer's needs i.e. Mission = Business

4. Demonstrate problem-solving skills: Service members often receive extensive training in mission planning, contingency planning, and problem-solving. Showcase key examples from your career where you excelled at identifying and solving complex problems, ideally with measurable outcomes. Highlight your ability to think critically and find effective solutions.

5. Always customise your resume to the job: Tailoring your resume is essential to securing a job interview and demonstrates your understanding of the job requirements. Avoid the trap of simply creating a generic resume. Instead, focus on finding the job you want first, then tailor the resume accordingly. This demonstrates your attention to detail and shows potential employers that you're genuinely interested in the position.

Remember, a well-crafted resume that highlights your relevant skills and experiences greatly increases your chances of success in the civilian job market. Your dedication and effort will pay off in the form of increased job opportunities and a successful transition.

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