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We provide specialist Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring Services to both private clients and organisations looking for a creative edge in their performance, whether it be on the sporting field, the military context, or the business and corporate world.

We help individuals and teams grow by maximising the Critical Alpha in their performances, leveraging what is already there, for maximal results and output. Critical Alpha is a metaphor for what we do, which is a shared definition both technically and practically. Technically it means that when an aircraft reaches its critical alpha, its agility and manoeuvrability is significantly enhanced. Practically this means that the aircraft is using its available resources to fly with an enhances capability. The meaning is two-fold, firstly, it requires an understanding of your full capability in order for you to maximise it, and secondly, it requires a highly trained operator in order for you to maximise these capabilities. Without the two aspects combined, you will lose your ability to reach critical alpha in your team, or desired individual performances.

Our Specialist Consulting Services include:


Strategy & Leadership

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Human Performance


Emerging Technologies

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