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Training Packages

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Emotional Intelligence

Learn how to understand the nuances within your team, individuals and leaders. You'll pick up the fundamentals of emotional intelligence, and harness this in your day job.

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Executive Leadership

Board-room dynamics in the corporate environment require experience and overall influencing skills to effectively negotiate and persuade. We'll teach you from our experience, passing on strategies and tactics which work in real-time.

Brand Strategy

Business Strategy & Tactics

From understanding your competitors, to development of your business plan and overall strategy, we will provide the steps from end-to-end, how to develop a strategy and tactics for your business.

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Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring in all aspects of leadership, teamwork, and social aspects of your job is critical to influencing people at the working levels. This course will provide extra tools on-the-job which will enhance your overall approach to leadership.

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Team Building 


People learn best through experience, and then through reflecting on that experience - applying it to their day jobs. We'll put your teams through specially tailored training exercises designed to find the weak links, and create air-tight teams which will perform better.


Marketing Management & Planning

Its important to understand your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT), the 7 P's (Product, Price, Promotion, Place, People, Process, and Physical Evidence). We will teach you how to develop a marketing management plan and how to integrate it into an overall implementation strategy. We will also cover social media marketing tactics and emerging trends.

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Tactical Leadership

Tactical leadership is at the very grassroots of leading small teams to win. We'll pass on our tried and tested methods which have been used in the workshop, on the battlefield, and the sports field. 


Gender, Equity & Diversity

Understanding your team, the cultures, sub-cultures, dynamics, background, motivations, needs, wants and desires is utmost important if you want to get the best outcome. We'll run your team through gender, equity & diversity training to show them how this works, and where they can improve their output.

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Risk Management

Managing Risk involves implementing a framework for your enterprise, processes, services, safety and business as a whole. The highest performers, even from the battlefield, use risk management to implement contingencies around their operations. It is imperative to proactively manage risks to your business, to ensure that measures are taken to eliminate or minimise these risks from impacting your outputs.

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